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Ravt New Hope (RNP) is a non-profit organization in Uganda whose vision is to help uplift the livelihoods of the most vulnerable people in this part of the world through supporting the work of local community-based organizations that directly impact the lives of the local communities in a positive way.

Our vision is to uplift the livelihood of the vulnerable people through supporting the work of the local community organizations by placement of international volunteers.

Core Values

Having fun with Volunteers

Volunteer Entertaining some of our needy and less privilleged children, a great source of inspiration and hope.
You also can contribute by voluteering, support or donations

tours and travel



Wakiso Uganda
Tel: +256 701 391 410

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Thanks a lot Annie for your encouraging remark, every one is highly welcome to enjoy our wonderful services we offer to the communities ie volunteer, internships and travel opportunities are all available RTN Richard.

Apr 12, 2018

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